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Open Air Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

What is an open air Photo Booth?

Say hello to our most popular photo booth at Rewind Booths –  the Lumia Open Air Photo Booth. 

An open air photo booth is like having your own picture-taking spot, without any walls around it. It’s a standalone set up where you can take photos in an open space without feeling closed in.

As there aren’t any walls, it’s easier for lots of people to fit in for group pictures (usually up to about 10 people). The best part is, everyone can join or experience the fun, making the event more entertaining.

Reserve an open air photo booth for your Melbourne event today.

Open Air Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

Features Of A Open Photo Booth​

Experience the freedom and versatility of our open-air photo booth! Whether you are hosting a wedding, birthday or a social event, an open air photo booth hire in Melbourne is the ideal choice for creating unforgettable memories.

Seamless touch screen display

Equipped with a professional Cannon DSLR Camera​

Accommodates up to 10 guests

Receive a printed photo strip instantly

Requires only a space of 2.5 square meters

Custom lighting to suit your event's theme

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How it Works

Our open-air photo booths are super easy for you and your guests to use (even if you are tipsy!). Let us show you how you can experience our open air in just three simple steps!

Open air Photo Booth Melbourne

Touch to Start

To start taking photos, just step into the booth, pick up some props, and touch the screen to get started.

Open Air Photo Booth Hire Melbourne

Take 3 photos

The photo booth will capture 3 photos, allowing a few seconds between each shot. This gives you time to change your props or switch up your pose.

Open Air Photo Booth Rental Melbourne

Collect your Print

After you’ve taken the photos, the booth will automatically print two photo strips for you within 10 seconds.

Hire an Open air Photo Booth in Melbourne

Looking to hire an open air booth? We’ve got you covered. At Rewind Booths, we specialise in providing the best open booth experiences in Melbourne. Our open booths are perfect for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and more. They’re not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer a user friendly experience and help creating lasting memories for everyone. Some even call them the ‘memory machine’ for their ability to capture candid moments effortlessly.

An open-air photo booth has lots of benefits. It doesn’t have walls, so it can easily accommodate up to 10 people, allowing for larger group photos. Because it’s open, everyone can see people having fun at the booth, making the event more enjoyable. Equipped with a professional Cannon DSLR and a DNP printer, it also guarantees high-quality photos and prints.

Our open air photo booth hire packages come with the full range of options. This includes a custom start screen and photo strip design, along with themed props and a backdrop of your choice. Our team will create a personalised start screen and photo strip that goes perfectly with your event’s theme. Additionally, we provide an wide selection of props, featuring quirky wigs, hats, masks, glasses, and entertaining signs.

Starting at $500, our photo booth packages are tailored to suit any occasion. Drop us a line today for a custom quote, and let’s make your event the talk of the town.

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FAQs - Open Booth Rental in Melbourne

Does Open Booth packages include props?

Yes, our open photo booth packages do include props! We’ve got a wide range of fun and quirky props available for you and your guests. These include everything from hats and glasses to wigs and signs.

What is an Open Air Photo Booth?
An open-air photo booth is a modern variation of the traditional enclosed photo booth. Unlike the enclosed photo booths, which are enclosed within a structure or curtain, an open-air booth typically consists of a freestanding setup without walls or curtains surrounding the photo booth.
How long does an open air photo booth take to set up?

It typically takes just 30 minutes to set up. However, to ensure everything runs seamlessly and to accommodate any unexpected delays, our team will arrive one hour in advance of your booking time.

How much space do you need for an open booth?
The open-air photo booth setup only requires a space of 2.5 square meters – this includes the props, backdrop, and table. This minimal space requirement makes it the perfect choice for most venues.